Digital Cinematography Test

Back with our project The Man With Cartoon Eyes, I have carried out a visualization test on some of the footage we have filmed. As the cinematographer on this project, it is my task to film the scenes in a way which the director is happy with. For one scene, we are needing to change … Continue reading Digital Cinematography Test


Footage, Too Much Footage

For our project The Man with Cartoon Eyes, we have concluded the main location filming, which means that we have a whole load of footage to sift and sort through. As with most film shoots, we filmed numerous takes of each shot, numerous takes filled with flubs and dead action. I am the editor, I … Continue reading Footage, Too Much Footage

The Dabbage

Matt, this is all your fault. I am currently working on the opening title sequence for a visual effects project by the name of: The Man With Cartoon Eyes. That was a zoomed in screenshot of the opening titles. Allow me to explain. I am using the wiggle function in Adobe After Effects to move … Continue reading The Dabbage