We Actually Filmed Something!

After weeks of rain, prior commitments and Toby Carvery we did it, we went out and filmed a large portion of our teaser trailer.

Here, take a look at one of the shots from filming.

Camera Footage.png

This is directly from the camera, with only some slight cropping on my behalf but no visual effects, none.


Comp 4089.png

This is a shot that I have enhanced in Adobe After Effects. In video, this is a pan shot, meaning that it moves from one side to the other. We follow our heroic protagonist from right to left, we see him among a tree-lined field where obsolete technology sprouts cobwebs as it turns to landfill.(I just had to put my Ouya in there.) Along with the digitally enhanced pan, I have also layered a logo upon the Ouya, just so it doesn’t look like an Ouya.

No one wants to be reminded of the Ouya.


However, it doesn’t compare to the best shot of shooting.

Best Shot By Far.png


I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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