Backs Get Hungry

Feedback! Feedback! Feedback!, take a look.




Good, so now that you’ve read my feed back here is my response.


I am going to create a mood-board of interesting car designs to further artistically influence my model. I’ve been interested in designing cars since I was a child so a lot of my sketches and ideas purely came from over a decade of interest.

I am finishing my low poly model, trust me, it will be finished eventually. Once the models are all finished and compiled into one document I will continue with duplicating the model to create a higher poly version.

I’ll try to sort out the n-gons. Nick did wonders and suggested using the multi-cut tool to help with creating polys. Technical proficiency is what I seem to be lacking in my modelling, so having an easy way to make a model look better is very helpful.


One of the possible issues I could have with my model is the fact that my intention and the original design is to make the vehicle appear rough with sharp edges. High poly models are good at making an object appear round, so it might be a challenge for me to make my model appear sharp and edgy while still being smooth and rounded.




One more thing, I created this pun for Alex but he didn’t end up using it, I can’t let good puns go to waste!

Dark Souls – Squad Goals.


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