Brum, For The New Generation

Continuing on from my modelling project, here I have a few sketches for roughly what I want to create.


I am going to make a vehicle that embodies a past generation’s view of the future. (Hope that makes sense, if not then watch the film High Rise, you’ll be even more confused.) Elegance and extravagance is what I want this vehicle to be a symbol of – Just wait until I come up with a name for this thing.


This is the back of the vehicle, wherein I implemented something I have always wanted to see in car design: The brake lights look just like exclamation marks. Two bright red exclamation marks beaming out from the darkness, who wouldn’t stop?


Here we see the side indicator – A big, long block of LEDs that sticks out from the side. This car is going to be vulgar to the point of revolting the weak. That weird thing you can see on the top right is one of the vehicles cameras, this is where I wanted the past’s version of the future to come in. If this vehicle was real then that camera would be at least five centimetres tall, this is ridiculous to the cameras used on cars of the modern day, which are dotted everywhere around the car and only cover a few millimetres, if that.



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