We Plannin! Stay back!

For my imagined world project I have created an asset list.

Asset List

I decided to divide up the shots into Physical, Greenscreen and Asset Shots. Making sure what assets are needed from certain places is more organised and makes sure that we don’t miss an asset. Physical Assets are harder to create as they require the main actors in the same place, which we are deciding to film on location in a Nature reserve… Yes, really.


The Greenscreen Shots are less difficult to make as they are either one actor standing still or one actor to be super imposed into the scenes we shot in the nature reserve, this is why in the Type section you’ll see a lot of assets fall under “Still.”


Asset Shots are the least difficult to create as they do not require actors or even the presence of a camera. These assets are to be implimented or composited into the scenes, like how in the Greenscreen Shots we need “Hero on balcony looking out.” So from that, we obviously need “Balcony.”


I’ve added in a few assets with a question mark as these we not originally in the teaser trailer narrative or the storyboard: These are just assets which I think might make a good addition to the teaser trailer after we hashed the story out and scouting the filming location.


I’ll keep you updated.


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