Trust me, the title is a pun on a game I’m discussing and not a statement on my mental health. (I know that I’ll get some heat on that come blog marking.)


I grew up the PS2 game Driven To Destruction(Called Test Drive: Eve Of Destruction in North America.)

Test Drive Eve of Destruction cover.jpg

It’s a racing game set in the redneck parts of America, where you compete to become the best banger racer of all time. Yes, it is that great.


Here is the general structure to the game…


Be introduced to your course; probably one with dust, hay-bales and ramps.


Gain control of your car; probably one with a trailer on the back.


Crash into and destroy other players; probably with some kind of millennial soft rock playing in the background.


Cross the finish line; probably followed by a snarky remark from the announcer.


Structure is one of the most important aspects to the gameplay of a game, it is how the player progresses. Games are defined by the ways in which you play them.

Go right, collect mushroom, stomp on goomba, slide down flag pole – Done. Super Mario Bros.

Walk through a forest, collect information, run away from the spooky man with long arms – Done. Slenderman: The Eight Pages.

Press square – Done. Beyond: Two Souls.


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