Establish Your Work

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An establishing shot is used in order to establish a location or a setting, often with period or stylistic differences.


Take this establishing shot as an example.

Image result for graphic novel establishing shot

We see a row of houses leading towards a row of tall trees and we are told via text box of the time, season, location, sound and temperature of the setting. It is these details that allow us to make assumptions on the scene and certain elements of it – Like how we assume that the two people walking down the road are not particularly good financial state as they are walking in the winter winds. The black and white artwork also leads to the audience assuming that the characters, the situation and by association the narrative are somewhat melancholic.


Take a look at this establishing shot.

Image result for establishing shot with caption

This is fantastic establishing shot from The International tells us so much about the story ahead. The architecture of the buildings and the street signs tells us that we are in a densely populated European city, this is also enhanced by the tramlines stretching down the road and the number plates on the cars. A man stands alone in a long trench coat looking over lanes of seemingly endless vehicles, he immediately seems out of place as the man is consumed by the setting around him. The man also looks rather different to the other individuals to the corners of the scene, this further implies that the man in the centre is out of place in this setting.


An establishing shot is what defines your artwork, so make it memorable.


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