Jobs In The Industry

I want to make movies… If you couldn’t already tell.


I am particularly interested in the technical aspects of filmmaking: Visual Effects, Editing, Cinematography and most of all Directing.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects are what make cinema the magical art form that it is. Altering the perceptions of an audience via compositing, layering and matte painting can be used to elevate a narrative.

If I were to go into the Visual Effects industry, I think that I would be either a Compositor or a Digital Preparation artist. Digital Preparation deals with images and assets in order to be composited into a scene. Compositors are the people who place the visual effect into the scene, making sure that it blends into the filmed imagery.



Editing defines emotion, it is the way in which scenes and performances are presented to the audience. Film Editing is the cutting and positioning of imagery in order to enhance the narrative, as opposed to something like Sound Editing which is the cutting and altering of sound, be that diegetic or not.


Cinematographer/Director Of Photography

Believe it or not, there is actually a difference between those two terms. A cinematographer decides what to shoot and then shoots it. A director of photography decides what to shoot but may not be the person operating the camera. Think of it like an artist known for doing paintings hired someone to physically hold the paintbrush, but what is actually painted was constructed by the artist.

People in this role often have to collaborate with the director and the lighting department in order to make the filmic visuals pop right out of the screen.


The big cheese. A director is the person who makes the movie everything that it can be, handling things like script editing, storyboarding, handling performances, shot composing and pre and post production. Directors will work with the prior two people in order to portray the narrative in the best way possible, this is made even more difficult if the director is also handling another role, like serving as a producer or screenwriter.


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