Getting Into The Industry

The film industry isn’t a standard industry to get into. It’s not as if you could go into a job centre and come out with Warner Bros hunting you down.

Film is an industry half based upon talent and half based upon versatility. You won’t get hired if all you want to make is a very specific genre piece and you won’t get hired if you want to make something boring and un-involving. It’s all about balance.

Let’s talk about how one individual got into the film industry, this guy…

David Fincher

Very early on, David Fincher was engrossed in film directing, even at one point being neighbours with George Lucas. As a part time pocket money job, he worked as a projectionist at a second-run movie theatre and a production assistant at a local radio station.

Breaking into full time work, Fincher was a matte photographer and assistant cameraman at Industrial Light & Magic, working on projects like Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom and Return Of The Jedi.

He then left ILM in order to direct commercials for American Cancer Society, Nike, Pepsi and Chanel, which lead to him working extensively on music videos for Madonna.

All of this smaller projects lead to him working on one of his biggest projects to date: Alien 3(don’t worry, he started making good movies after that.)


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