Reflection On My Portfolio.

I recently presented my portfolio to my lecturers, they were confused. Very, very confused.


My portfolio consisted of a game demo which demonstrated my coding skills, a game pitch and a video demonstrating my animation, art and visual effects skills.


They Want To Kill You & Your Ugly Chairs screenshot

I did use the game I created in the game jam assessment as a base for my game demo. However, I think that the game I demoed leant to heavily on what I had created in the game jam. My lecturers did voice their disappointment in the fact that the game was largely similar. They seemed to enjoy the comic panels though, that’s something.


Flicker Bright Screenshot

In my game pitch I presented my idea for a game called: Flicker Bright, a game I do intend to make someday, one way or another. With this, the lecturers did seem to like the idea for the game, just not the presentation of the pitch. I do think that I should’ve made a small game demo for my pitch, rather than me explaining images in a PowerPoint.


My conclusive video seemed to get the greatest reaction. The lecturers used words like “surreal” and “whimsical” to describe it. Style appears to be something which I excel at, that should make me stand out in a skyscraper sized stack of university applications. However, like with the other projects featured in my presentation, I was criticised for technically mediocre. I think if I were to redo this video, I would’ve included more of my work with 3D animation and to my 2D animation already in there.


Overall, I think that I should’ve focused more on technical innovation, rather than outwardly individual in a stylistic sense.


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