Breaking The Cycle

Another animation project… Yay!


Let’s start with the updated ident.

One of the things that did annoy me with the original ident was the harsh spotlighting, which drowned out the sharp green colour of the city. Additionally, I think that the music change works better with the animation.


Now, here is my Idle Animation.

With this animation I went in terms of a Street Fighter style idle.

Street Fighter

Additionally, I came to this animation rather late, as I was having trouble with another project. Originally, I was doing the laughing animation, however my model always looked as if it was crying.

Sad Pyramid



Speaking of things that look like they’re about to burst into tears, here is my wave animation.

I thought as if the changing background would represent the changing emotions of the protagonist as he waves on. In the future I would like to make fully fledged short films, so working with the emotion of a character will be quite valuable.


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