Don’t Worry, I’m Nearly Done

So with regards to the modelling project, there was one thing that did slip my mind. Essentially, the task was set up as: “Pick two animations from a list and update your ident.” Of course I would forget the word “two.”


So for my first animation, I am doing a character waving.

Wave 1.png

As this option is on the lower side of the list, I wanted the animation to stand out. With that in mind, I’m putting in three point lighting. I’m also making the camera move with the hand, slowly sinking down to his side.


My second animation is the Street Fighter style idle stance.

Wave 2.png

I don’t think that I’ll do as much additional styling on this animation as I plan on doing with the waving animation as this animation is a whole lot less subtle. With this animation, you can tell that the person is angry and about to fight, just ignore that cold, dead, stoic face.


Oh and my approach to update my ident goes as follows: Make everything more vibrant, exuberant and louder.


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