High Poly Modelling Project

Steampunk artwork often consists of complex metal structures and impressive machinery, all of which are very limited in terms of technical development, hence the involvement of steam.Cours Lapin

The genre often revolves around a mechanisation of something, like giving a cat glasses with gears, springs and other such stuff.


This genre is also very limited in terms of a colour palette, as the majority of the artwork is consumed by unpainted metal. The lack of vibrant colours gives steampunk art a very miserable look, almost as if the world of the artwork is dystopian.


Steampunk Corkscrew. Those words usually don’t go together. However, by the power of my disturbed imagination, we now have it – Well, we have the idea for it.

Here is my detailed rendition of my idea.

Steampunk Corkscrew

I intend to make this via two models: One being the screw and one being the handle. I think that the mechanical attachments to the handle will have to be done by extrusions, that is why most of the side alterations are sharp and block like. The handle itself will have a bit of a bevel to it, to more closely resemble a standard wooden corkscrew handle.



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