Evolution of Game Design: Part One

To start off this series of games, I thought that it would be good to discuss a game of which I absolutely despise.

Mr Bean(PS2, 2007)

Mr Bean

I grew up with Mr Bean the animated series, so my young, bone headed year old self was immediately interested when a game with this artwork appeared on a supermarket shelf in 2007 for a cut down price.

Mr Bean(the game) was created by Beyond Reality Games and published by Blast! Entertainment, both of which are notorious for their poorly rated gameography.

When this game opens you are introduced to a large purple cave with several paths, these lead to the levels of the game. The problem with this is that there is no order to the levels, levels which have a linear storyline. You just have to guess which level is first and then play the game from there.

Then you actually get to the levels themselves… Tsunami victims are more fortunate than me.

Mr Bean l1

All of the levels in this game follow a simple formula: Collect X amount of Teddys and win the level, like Crash Bandicoot, only loathsome. The problem with this is that all of the levels are either straight forward hallways or cut off routes, so that there is no mystery in where the Teddys are located. Is he just a bit further down this hallway? Yes, yes he is.

Mr Bean starts each level with a can of bug spray, this is used to paralyse your greatest foe… Shaven sausage dogs.

Mr Bean l2

Bug spray – Shaven sausage dogs. 15/10 – IGN

Also, the camera moves really, really slowly. You can’t get a bearing on the situation, which is usually only four metres wide, the camera can’t move fully around the player either, probably best for the utterly abysmal graphics.

This game came out in 2007, the same year as The Simpsons Game, Rock Band and God Of War II. For a game that was released on the PS2, towards the end of it’s lifespan, Mr Bean(the game) utilizes only the most basic elements in making an investing game.

As I have previously mentioned, I was a huge fan of the animated series, Mr Bean(the show) could’ve been a good target for a game as you can target the younger audiences and the older who grew up with the live action show. Just take a look at the cover, it clearly wanted to sell itself to the widest audience.


A better game for the next in this series, I promise.


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