Max Beta


After two weeks of hard work, I have finally created a ten second animation.

I came up with the name Max Beta with the intention of using it for an upcoming short film of mine about an extravagant hitman striving across a 1980s megacity. If you don’t understand the pun in the character’s name, we have nothing to discuss.

When creating my animation, I had an issue that no one else in my class had. I created the artwork for my animation on the morning before the lesson wherein I was given a template for the animation; the problem with this is that the template provided was 1920×1080 while my artwork was 3840×2160. In the visual effects world, this is the equivalent of a bagel being a make-shift life preserver. I think that I’ve managed to find a solution… Or rather, Peter says that he can sort it out. Six and two threes.


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