Woah, that is so WACKY!

Recently, me and a more than mercurial team of vagabonds grouped together to create a scene that looks like it could fit into the popular cartoon series: Wacky Races.

I took up the role of team leader, however I did create some assets for the scene, including:

Rock Render 2

This rock.Rock Render

This rockRock Render 3

This rock. I thought that if the scene involved more than one rock, it would make the scene look more technically rich, as it displays a variety of shapes and designs.

Ground Render

The ground of which the scene takes place. This project was set up to be specifically low poly, so that is why you can see sharp points and sudden dips, rather than surges and bumps.

Tree Render

This was the piece I was most adamant about. If this piece didn’t make it into the final product, nothing would. You may be thinking that it is just a pink tree without any leaves, it is, but there is one crucial part.

Tree Render 2

This tree is translucent, some light passes through the model. My original idea was very science fiction based, pink translucent trees over a petrol-green ground with pure white rocks and cars which looked like spaceships. In the end, I and my team created a more natural and realistic scene. I’ll happily show it on this blog, when I have access to the X Drive again.


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