Preston; a controversial game to say the least.

Let me tell you about a certain project that I’m working on called Preston.


Preston is a 2D top-down survival game to be made in Unity. The game follows the titular character as he experiences drug induced hallucinations, through this hallucinations we see his thoughts and fears manifested in creepy and surreal ways.

Second Shot

Here is a screenshot of the first level, which sees Preston represented by his toddler self. You may have noticed that weird thing in the top right corner with “Obligation” sprawled on top with an even weirder looking gun strapped on to it. This is the antagonist. The protagonist is physically trying to escape from his obligations.(Brilliant, I know, practically GOTY material.)


I wanted the antagonist to move around so that the player is constantly dodging around, becoming quicker and more agile as the levels progress, as a way to amp up the challenge from level to level.

This is the way that I intend for the story to progress through the levels of the game; with various manifestations of psychological strain serving as the dangerous enemy.


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