Black Mite – A Vagabond Snow Plow In A Dystopian Utopia.

Behold what I and seemingly endless sessions of tweaking on Maya have created.

Rendered Ship

Rendered Image 2

Rendered Image 3

When I was first developing the Black Mite, I wanted to utilise the angular form of triangles to make this seem visually appealing. With this, I realised that snow plows have giant triangles on the front which divide up the snow; it was there where the Black Mite began.

In terms of design cues, I did take some inspiration from grasshoppers and other such visually similar insects.

GrasshopperGrasshoppers have naturally sharp lines and edges, making them more agile in flight. Taking this into account, I gave the Black Mite distinct lines and thin wings in order to make the vehicle appear sharper.

However, I was not done with just that. If you have seen any of my artwork, you’ll know that I like to give everything a very grimy and messy look, often expanding on the extravagant.

I started out with creating a Photoshop painting of the Black Mite by tracing over the original render, using the paint and pencil tool to define edges and corners. With that done, I started to add more detail to the model, adjusting certain lines and colours so that it looks more visually appealing. With that done, I began to shade in places of the model, to indicate ware and tear – Most films and games in a dystopian setting are worn down, either by situation or weather, making the vehicle seem worn and damage makes the setting appear more realistic.

BlackMite Before

You’ve probably noticed that the painted version of Black Mite isn’t quite a carbon copy of the original render: Lines are bulkier, the window is more stylised, the title is sprawled on the side and the wings now have a blue outline. All of these aesthetic changes were made to impact whom ever sees this, causing a passer by to take a second glance.

Now, here is what the Black Mite looks like in it’s natural habitat.

BlackMite Finished


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