An accentuated “Ugh.”

Ugh After Effects

24 layers of art. 24 layers closer to death.


Something that I have learned while using After Effects is that what you get out of it is only as good as the things you put into it. So, if you have crystal clear 4K imagery that would make Anthony Dod Mantle turn clammy(Go ahead, educate yourselves.) Then will will create something quite possibly spectacular. However, if all you have for your project is a stock image consisting of 17 pixels, then you are pretty much stuck for digestive crumbs.


After Effects isn’t like the other Adobe products that I’ve tried like Photoshop and Animate. With Photoshop, Animate and even Illustrator; you can get right in and mess around until you’ve created something good, kinda’ like this.

Canals On Mars.png

With After Effects; a bit of messing around will get you a black screen and some nulls just laying around. You can’t create something good in After Effects, you can only improve on something that already exists.


What I’m saying is this: Animate, Illustrator and Photoshop is the axe that chopped the tree down – After Effects is the sandpaper that smooths the stump.


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