Animated Ident

Once more with another assignment. This time around, we have an animated ident.


Now, if you have seen my storyboard powerpoint, you may have noticed some alterations from my original ideas. Probably the most obvious alteration being the vibrant colour palette, a far stray from the original black and greyscale original concept.

I changed the colour scheme because I thought that the happy upbeat music in the background doesn’t exactly match the original colour scheme in terms of tone. Black and grey has always been associated with melancholy and sadness, so this jazzy, upbeat song that sounds like it could’ve came straight out of a Casey Neistat vlog wouldn’t exactly mesh together. Additionally, brighter and more vibrant colours are naturally more visually interesting.

Also, rather than going for something prosaic like “Connor” with each letter coming into the screen in different ways.(This would have been much, much easier to do.) I opted for the word “RISE” and here’s why:

  1. I had a thought way back in my mind that I could use this as an intro for my YouTube channel, so it would make sense for them to have similar names.
  2. Rise is a powerful word, it evokes victory and valiance, good things to get across in a 12 second ident.
  3. The word “RISE” is rising from the city. Symbolism – A strawberry with thorns.

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