After more than five weeks of modelling, I’ve done it, I have the images fully rendered. However, since I last posted about this ident, some quite dramatic changes have occurred.


So this ident is all green now, there are holes in the city where some buildings are falling and a giant green plane sweeps by in the background. This is my animation now, as I have been trying to implement more of the aspects of the principles of animation. So, we have the city constantly pulsing for squish and stretch, the the whole model moving for slow in-slow out and the passing plane for blocking.

At this point, you may be wondering why I decided to make everything green? Well, let me answer that with something I whipped up in PicMonkey in five minutes.

Extravagant Animation.jpg

(Be sure to share this image on Facebook, your distant uncle-in-law needs to know about this.)


Animation is where the dreamers express their dreams, regardless of how insane it may be.

Animation is where a man can shoot around the city in a green tube.

Animation is where you can see the personifications of emotions inside characters’ heads.

Animation is the place where you can make a turtle have a button on it’s back which triggers an explosion.


Animation is the home of the ludicrous and the excessive, things don’t need to adhere to logic if you can distract your audience with fantasy. With this in mind, why the hell not make a city green?


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