My ident consumes me, send help.


I stand before a city half built, the constant crashing keeping my completion far from me.


I shouldn’t have decided to animate an entire city for a ten second short. Yes, madness does consume me, thanks for noticing.


Creating something on such a large scale is clearly something that is taking it’s toll on the hardware. Maya shudders to a halt whenever I have to extrude a surface, which is every other minute. Another issue I have is that certain parts of the model change colour at seemingly random occurrences, these parts do seem to be the places where I used the Append To Polygon tool. I’m sure Matt can sprinkle some magic on this and press three keys to fix all of my problems.


However, I have to admit that the model does look nice, or interesting at the very least. This is what artistry does – Utterly consumes you with the promise of a small glimpse of something half decent.



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