GALLANT REVIEWS – Google Cardboard

VR seems like the future of entertainment, I think it will be, but I also thought that buying an Ouya would be a worthwhile investment.


So, once upon a time, Google was walking down the neighbourhood when the gods of public relations told them to give a class of twenty delinquents a huge heap of VR devices. Luckily enough, I was one of those delinquents.


Google Cardboard is on the less expensive side of VR, focusing on usability and functionality rather than something like the HTC Vive which focuses on technology and clarity – It is this that makes me think as if Google Cardboard is to be used as more of a tool, rather than an experience. I tested the Playstation VR recently, that is a product wherein I feel as if I could be immersed wholly, as if I could actually forget that I was wearing a headset. With Google Cardboard, I was fully aware that I was looking at a three inch screen, rather than the incredible scenery of which I was presented.

I found out, after a few minutes of testing, what the best way of holding the phone would be: You have to hold it with one hand, placed on the bridge of your nose. I never really thought that the Google Cardboard was something comfortable, I understand that you are only supposed to use it for minutes at a time, but it does seem that the repetitive user might suffer an affliction that I like to call “Sleeps with glasses.” For those who wear glasses, if you’ve ever accidentally fell asleep with glasses and the insufferable red marks in random places can’t help but make you look like someone who doesn’t have their life sorted out.

Have you ever seen one of those abysmal YouTube videos which are titled something like: “Homemade Diamond Play Button ALMOST DIED not clickbait ;).” These types of videos always attempt to make something that barely replicates the original product. I feel as if you could quite easily replicate the Google Cardboard headset with a few household items and some ingenuity. Not to mention the fact that I’ve seen similar, user made VR alternatives being sold in Poundland.

Going back to what I previously said about Google Cardboard, I don’t think that this tool utilised the technology in the right way. This seems to bulky to be limited to a few minutes of use, I understand the health benefits in removing the device from your eyes every so often, but this couldn’t possibly work if you were watching a two hour movie, or playing a thirty hour game. So this makes Google Cardboard ideal for VR that requires a very limited viewing. If you can think of anything a minute long which requires visual immersion, please comment down below.


Overall, I’d give Google Cardboard a 4/10. It doesn’t do anything that other VR systems do much better. It may have it’s own individual uses, like how mobile gaming platforms have became a mecca for casual and indie titles. Until that individual use comes along, I don’t see much use for it.


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