Here we have a common sight upon the entirety of After Effects users.


Compositions over compositions over compositions, this is how the masters of Adobe Effects are masters. The majority of Adobe programs work in a similar way, Animate and Photoshop let you use layers in order to put an image on another image, on another image and so on – After Effects works similarly, only this time using compositions.


Most recently, I created something using Trim Paths. Trim Paths are a way of animating something, so that it can create a line or shape; this makes it particularly useful for animating a word being written, like right here.

This week on Stranger Things…


One of the most apparent things about my limited uses of After Effects is that each project is incredibly fiddly, a big project can be absolutely ruined by the smallest of things. With this being said, I must confess that the end result can be something very, very special.

After Effects appears to be a system that favours pragmatism, rather than practice.


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