Idents are a short and effective way to introduce something or to display a brand. Some of the most well known idents are E4’s Estings. Estings promote the channel while also offering a short piece of animation.


I have been challenged to create my own ident, using Maya animations.


To structure this project, I created this powerpoint.



I had some issues with deciding on which narrative to choose, I went back and forth before settling on my spinning city idea.

By the way, I did intent to add one more logo to the list of resources: Lava Bear Films. However, I couldn’t find a video of the logo moving, so I made do with the three others.


To help visualise my ident idea, I have started to work on a storyboard. I only managed to get the first frame completed in the lesson, so you’ll have to forgive my poor penmanship.


So, as you found out in the powerpoint, my ident will be a spinning pan out of a city in the shape of the word “RISE.”

I plan on making the city out of dark grey and stodgy blue building, so the city will have a very dry and moody look to it, this will be heightened by the building’s shadows.

Those things that look like sprinkles in the first frame are meant to be vehicles – One of the critiques I was given about this idea was that there wasn’t much actually animated. So, with that in mind, I added vehicles to the scene. I intend for these vehicles to move individually, so that this scene has more layers of movement.


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