Something that made me think.


Back in December, I and a group of friends were working on the plans for making a game out of school – Something to keep on the back burner.

As part of this group, I agreed to work on the story and script for the game. So, a few days ago, I presented to the group three treatments:

One game being a dark and moody wartime thriller.

One game being an intelligent, yet melancholy sci-fi.

And one game which I will only describe as something of gleefully poor taste.


One person of the group had a question concerning the third mentioned game, he said: “Is the player meant to take this seriously?”

To which I replied: “No, it’s like a B-Movie.”


For those of you who don’t know, a B-Movie is movie where the people making it are fully aware of how goofy, extravagant or bad it may be. The filmmakers don’t care if the movie is bad, just as long as it ends up funny, often unintentionally. This genre can lead to the filmmakers making statements on the genre itself, or the filmmakers might just want to make a movie about a bed that eats people.


And with that, I started to think, there are plenty of B-Movies – things like Poultrygeist, X: The Man With X Ray Eyes, Dolomite, Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama ,The Worst Movie Ever!(That is actually the film’s title.) and Hard Ticket To Hawaii to name a few.


However, I can’t think of many B-Games.


Sure there are games that go against the traditional mechanics of game structure and storytelling like The Stanley Parable.


And there are some some games that try to make fun of an entire genre, like Broforce.



I can think of dozens upon dozens of B-Movies, but only a sparing few B-Games spring to mind, those being:

Destroy The Porn


Cosmic DJ


and Jalopy


These are some of the only games I can think of where I can imagine the developers saying something like: “I don’t care whether anyone will like this game, I want to have fun making it.” That’s why I really like these games, they take a relaxed approach at game making and create something unique, if not adhering to the imaginary concept of perfection.


I’m sure someone will comment something like: “But Connor, you’re forgetting this really obscure game that you won’t have heard of. Your opinion on games sucks and your dad sells Avon, DISLIKED!”


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