Some More Silhouettes

I’m back to working on projects and constantly forgetting that I have other, more daunting projects on the other screen.


To continue on with my Dystopian Utopia project, I have created some silhouettes.some-silhouettes

I tried to utilise primitive shapes in my sketches – mostly because I know that I’ll have to actually model these things, but shapes like the triangle and the rectangle naturally draw attention. Triangles and rectangles are two shapes that can easily follow the rule of thirds – I’ll likely make a blog post about the rule of thirds at some point.

Here are some of my earlier, less inventive silhouettes.



I would say that out of all these vehicle designs, I prefer this one:


When creating this vehicle, I was looking to two very different modes of transport for inspiration. English police vans and rickshaws.



Both of these vehicles follow the principle of: Driver at the front and a lot more passengers in the back. This is something that I wanted to hint at as the general population of large cities is going to explode in the future, so in creating a Dystopian Utopia, I want to hint at a giant, grand scale of the situation that my vehicle would find itself in.


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