Animation Continued

There are some things in this world that elude individuals, the replication of life is merely one of them.

Animation has came leaps and bounds away from when it started as this:

Steamboat Mickey.jpg

After a century of hard toil and innovation, we currently have animation like this:



Let me show you what amateur animation looks like.


I started with a sack of flour, which stood smooth, unaffected by the laws of physics and momentum.

I utilised the power of an anthropomorphic flour sack to my advantage. I used squash and stretch to indicate movement, anticipation to provide the audience some time to react and exaggeration to make the movement seem visually appealing.


The graph editor became quite an important tool when animating the flour sack. Altering the shape and inflection of the graph allowed the movement of the flour sack to me more smooth and naturalistic.


Despite all of this, the animation still seems slow and sluggish.



I clearly need to work on my timing with animation. Working on this should lead me to me more smooth and to create animation that is more “true-to-life.”


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