Spaceship Interior

All the way back in October, I was challenged with the task of creating a vivid 3D interior for a spaceship.

Here it is:


My Reflections.

Through this task, I have come across a few things.


Firstly, I am far better when creating the non-existent, rather than replicating reality. If I were to have chosen to create the realistic interior, I would have been lost with the intrinsic detail of modern life.


Take this couch as an example. Would I create individual cushions or duplicate them? Would I make the cushions stand out from the frame work? Would I create a small ridge around each cushion or add the effect in the UV texture map?

Reality is the constricted version of our imagination, we want to have arms with shotguns and cannons sprouting out, most of us make due with just a watch draped around our wrists.


Secondly, there is something infinitely interesting in the infinite darkness. One of the reasons why people are attracted to art is the experience of escapism, the world portrayed in art is never our own, whether it be Edvard Munch’s The Scream, or Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings. We are seven billion individuals on one rock, in one solar system, in one galaxy, imagine what we could find just a lightyear away.


Thirdly, I have a very pronounced style. Back when I was creating a walking simulator for Ant, a lot of people claimed that the game’s style was rather extravagant.


This may seem somewhat strange but I would compare my style to the works of Wes Anderson.

Everything of importance is situated in a box, in the centre of the frame. The viewer is lead to look directly in the centre of the frame, as if seeing the world with blinders on the side of your head.

Now, when I look back upon my works…


I see that everything of importance is situated in the centre of the frame.

Spaceship In Space.png

And for an example with 3D Modelling:

Bed Example.png

You’re immediately drawn to the gap in the centre, it has your attention as you ignore the walls surrounding it.

I think that it is important to establish a sense of style when creating art. Art without style is the same as Coke without carbon.


Lastly and most importantly, I know that I am a visual artist. When I started this course, I was presented with four paths: Programming, Visual Effects, Artwork and 3D Modelling. I wasn’t too sure about which course I would follow more strongly. I then started to get to grips with creating this large scale project. For me, an image is a story, told through colour and composition.

Let me try to explain.


I know some people will look at this picture and just see a desk, that is just not what I see.

I see the sparky pink standing out from the warm yellow. I see the open book indicate a sign of intelligence from the reader. I see, what looks like, tabs of architecture which tell me that the user is very creative. The lamp bathing the picture frame in warm light symbolically implies that the woman who uses this desk, which I instantly assumed because of the use of pink, has her family shining bright in her mind.

Every object is influenced by the scene it finds itself in, much like the way in which we are moulded as people.

Which ever path I chose to walk down, I know that I will be a visual artist.


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