Technical Difficulties

Let me show you a sight that I see more often than you would think.


Now, for those who aren’t the sharpest on Maya, let me show you something as equally devastating.


I believe I may be having some difficulties with the size of the project that I’m working on; it’s rather large considering that a room and its entire furnishings with individual textures laid through out.

However, I think that I may have rooted the problem. Maya always seems to crash as I try to rename a texture in Hyper-shade.


You see, when I would go to rename a texture, the whole program would just crash and burn.


I do have a way around this problem, mind you.

Step 1:


Highlight an object wholly.

Step 2:


Create a basic material.

Step 3:


Rename the texture something suitable for the object. Colouring is optional, I only do it to distinguish from the other textures.

Step 4:


Place the UV texture map into the material.

Step 5:

Grab a pint in the Winchester and wait for all this to blow over.


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