So, I went and watched Bleed For This. K.O or K.O? (Geddit?)


After a devastating car accident, boxer Vinny Pazienza trains through his restrictive injuries to reclaim his title.


An issue with an adaptation is that you have to choose one of two routes:

A} Create something as close to the source material as possible. Something like All The President’s Men, Kes or Carol.

B} Create something that wildly differs from the source material. Something like Apocalypse Now, Naked Lunch and A Cock & Bull Story.


However, when it comes to adaptations based upon real life, you have to create something that accurately represents the character.


Miles Teller does not look like the character he is supposed to be portraying, not in the slightest. The film often cuts between footage of the actual events and the dramatised versions, to which Teller is as obviously imposed as a smudge of chocolate in a tub of corn syrup… And yet, with all the constructions of visuals, he gives his best performance yet. He may not look like the 1980s boxer, but he sounds identical and he holds himself in a way to suggest that he force your skull out of your spine. Practically all of the cast are on the top of their game, with a oddly fitting return for Ciaran Hinds. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if this came home with a few acting nominations come January.


This film comes to us from Ben Younger, you may remember him from such films as the perfectly adequate Boiler Room and the utterly abhorrent Prime. Thankfully, Bleed For This is a return to form for Younger. This film is crafted with such a passion for the original story and the setting of which the film beautifully captures that it is fairly easy to compare this to some of the heavy hitting boxing movies of the past.(Geddit?)


Larkin Seiple provides a fantastically warm and rough vision of the 80s, the film is bathed in yellows and light blues which really help to define the movie itself. This film gives the 80s a rough, grimy look to it, as it should do considering what the 80s was: Rough, rowdy and more than a little bit ribald.

Something that I wasn’t expecting to be so good was the soundtrack. This film has one of the best workout playlists I have ever heard.


Bleed For This, a film that surprised me beyond belief.



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