Arrival: Invasion of intelligence or pretentious pragmatism.


As alien ships descent upon our planet, a linguist is brought in to help decipher their intent.


There are somethings in this world that do not require statement to be understood.

When you get on a bus with only one person in it, you do not sit next to that person.

If you were to film something on a phone, you film in portrait.

You don’t eat your pudding until you eat your meat.(Ten points to anyone who gets that joke.)


With that being said: When you hear about a dark Science Fiction movie featuring an incredible cast and the direction of Denis Villeneuve, you should expect it to be good.


Arrival is the movie that Hollywood isn’t making anymore. The majority of audiences don’t like to be challenged, they like to watch the same thing that they have dozens of times before, not remembering the last few times. One of the reasons why Doctor Strange has done so well is because it is something a little bit different to all of the other factory issue comic book movies.


Arrival is slow and menacing, its oppressive atmosphere tying your stomach in knots. The film builds from resonant heartbreak leading onto surreal intrigue before ending, oh how this film ends. This is one of the best endings of the year, hands down.


Now, onto the reasons why the film that you should watch five times over doesn’t receive a perfect rating:

  • There is one scene where the film just dives into expositional voice-over that came out of nowhere.
  • Most of the visual effects are fantastic, however one scene was quite noticeable, especially with people’s hair.
  • There are a few references to a previous Denis Villeneuve film: Enemy. I kinda enjoyed these references but I can see how someone who hasn’t seen Enemy could see these parts as being un-cohesive.


Arrival, a film that should arrive at your top ten list.



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