We’re back in space.

I’ll start off with a lil’ secret: I have a collection of Blu Rays, 124 in total. Of those 124, 15 of those movies are, what I would class as Science Fiction. Of those 15, 2 movies actually have spaceships. (Sunshine and Under The Skin, in case you were wondering.)

I am not the biggest fan of Sci-Fi generally, despite having some downright great films and a few guilty pleasures.

Despite this, I can’t stand architecture, so let’s make the best darn’ spaceship that Maya allows me to.


Something that I have noticed in Sci-Fi cinema and television is the reliance upon straight lines, taking this in mind, I drafted up a little sketch for my interior.


This is just a basic shell of the room, I plan to add furnishings and doo-hickeys in as I go along.

I want this scene to feel dirty and well worn, visually obvious that someone has been living here. I think that I’ll use dusty and murky reds to make up the majority of the objects, with a few weathered dark colours spliced in there.

I was thinking of giving the interior a retro vibe to it, with a slight edge of noir, clearly drawing similarities from Blade Runner.


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