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As the college Christmas game grows near, I turn my attention to artwork.


Here is my proposed title for the Christmas game. In the game, Santa is the most recognised character and the elves are the people who actually deliver the presents. Because of this, I wanted Santa to leap off of the image, making the viewer forget about the most important character.


The team and I intend to create pixel art assets from Photoshop, then import those assets into Animate(Back in my day, we had Flash!)


Speaking of Animate, I have created a little sequence, just so portray my visual and animation style. Here’s the link: http://www.fastswf.com/J8-kEl8


Have you ever walked into a butcher’s and thought: “Mmmm, cockroaches…” Well here’s some graft from the game The Bug Butcher.

Bug Butcher.png

Created with beautiful Flash artwork, The Bug Butcher is a game that takes extravagant and vibrant style over everything else.

I am definitely a person who tends to lean towards the “Style over Substance.” method.


This screenshot of Wicked Child must make you think of the deep lying subtext that only a Zach Snyder film can helm.



You may notice something about this game; the character and antagonists are much, much more colourful and vibrant than the background. This is a method used by many game developers as a way to engross the viewer and make the character seem more interesting. Take a look at some of the works of Edmund Mcmillen or Kyle Champ, they both use a derisive difference to differentiate the character from the background. Think about it, Roger Rabbit stood out, didn’t he?


And now, me playing games without overreacting for views.


To return to Sports Heads, this game has quite a relaxed visual style. Most of the assets and scenery are soft and rounded, probably created in Flash, while the characters in the foreground were portably created in Photoshop. As for the animations in this game: The power ups beam onto the screen from a fade with a boisterous pop, indicating their presence.



The void. Population; The Sims. This game uses the isometric design in order to portray theme. This game is set in a very straight-forward, clinical setting, so it seems natural that the game is based in a very straight-forward, clinical way. Any art student will tell you that combining blue and orange looks really good, this is because the two colours are on the opposite side of a colour wheel.


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