Christmas is coming!


Break out the crackers and hope that nan doesn’t say anything racist because December 25th is nearly upon us.


Wesley Bainbridge, Alex Heckles, Alex Short and I have taken up a daunting task: Create a Christmas game for the college’s website.


With this, we set to work, running through idea after idea, most of which being absolutely terrible:

  • A game where the player has to find Rudolph’s nose in the fog.
  • A game wherein the player must roll around in the snow until he becomes big enough to resemble a snowman.
  • A game titled: The Pragmatic Penguin.(Yes, that was my idea.)


After many minutes of deliberation, we concluded on our game… The Elf In Santa’s Shadow.


The Elf In Santa’s Shadow follows an elf in Sunderland(what a surprise!) who has to deliver the presents that falls off of Santa’s sleigh. If you have played the last Christmas college game, you’ll know that the game focused on Santa dropping presents down chimneys, so The Elf In Santa’s Shadow somewhat serves as a spiritual successor to the last Christmas college game.


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