A well trodden path.

Spaceships again. Yay!


I’m starting to use Matt’s model in order to learn UV mapping because my other spaceship has quite a few non-planar faces. Non-planar faces are the worst thing that a modeller has to work with, in regards to texturing – Speaking of texturing.


These are the six 2D planar maps that make up this model. When texturing a model, it is incredibly difficult to make a texture appear realistic in three dimensions. Creating textures in two dimensions is incredibly easy, so easy that you could do it in MS paint, this creates a more realistic texture.


Realism is what professionals in 3D modelling are striving for, people like Industrial Light & Magic or Double Negative create visual effects that feel realistic, even when they are modelling something as un-realistic as a man shrinking to the size of an ant.


I would have liked to use my own spaceship and texture that just how I wanted, creating my own sci-fi masterpiece, but my extravagant and downright exuberant art style clashes with my limited knowledge of modelling. Well, limited knowledge for now…


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