Flash! (Nope, I’ve done this joke far too many times.)

Let’s start small, shall we?



You may have seen this game format before with games like Elemental Box and most famously; The Powder Game. These games have been the product of a site known as DanBall.


This is not to be confused with the easily despise-able “rapper” Dan Bull.End Me.png

Oh the cringe.

DanBall consists of three programmers: One for web, one for games, one for web. Their games are known for their visual simplicity, some have compared them to Mojang, as they often create games that let the player create.


When you think of Southern California, what do you think of?

Pink sunsets over golden beaches?

Two & A Half Men back when it was good?

Sole led indie game studios?


KChamp Games started in 200 creating small Flash games that rarely got people’s attention. The leader of KChamp, handily named Kyle Champ, started creating games at the grand old age of 17.(Don’t get any ideas know, ya hear!)


KChamp’s biggest success would be ShellShock Live, a game that was somewhat similar to the Worms franchise.


If you were to play a KChamp game, you would know full well that it was a Flash game; the cartoonish character design, the fully fledged colouring, the ethereal animation. In a world where games are trying so hard to be other things, KChamp just stands out as a game developer, who happens to make games.


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