There ain’t no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good.

God damn, I adore that song. Anyway, my name has a game: Wicked Child.


Wicked Child is set in the futuristic 1970s. You start playing in a baron room, the only things to keep you company are a bench, a table and a key. However, as you start to discover more about yourself, and more about your past, you start to question where the hell you find yourself in.


I found the perfect analogy for Unity: Unity is exactly like iMovie. Free, easy to use, component based, but dreadful with you consider what else is on the market.


I feel as if I should alter my game with regards to ambient light. The colours of the building blocks are quite light and vibrant, so I would be interested to see how the ambient light could effect the scene.


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