Stop reading and go watch Midnight Special.

Why are you reading this, you need to watch Midnight Special right now. Go. Right now!


For those who have returned, here are my shenanigans with Mudbox.

Totally Michael Shannon.png

The horror. I present to you Michael Shannon, in all of his un-rendered bourbon biscuit brown glory. I thought that I was quite good at 3D modelling, my Mantis ship seemed okay. I may just be a creature that thrives in certain styles, like the sharp, straight lines of my Mantis ship compared to the ‘smooth’ lines of the mask Jason Voorhies winced at.


If you needed a comparison to the real thing, here is the real Michael Shannon.

World premiere of 'Man of Steel'

Is anyone else reminded of that faded picture of Jesus that a woman tried to restore to it’s former glory, but ended up making it look like a monkey in an itchy sweater?


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