Praying Mantis… In… Space

Model refinement, the final frontier… of model development.



Here is The Mantis, named for its obvious resemblance to After Eight Mints. I decided that the strong edged design would be perfect for this ship, both practically and aesthetically. This model originally started as one cube, I then started to extrude; expanding the model into new and strange places.


I presented my model to a professional adjudicator, in order to gain some feedback. Here are some of the things that he had to say:

“Some parts are a bit thin.” This was with regards to the panels connecting the ship to the annex thrusters.

“The thrusters are too bright.” The adjudicator claimed that the light colour of the thrusters did not match the darker colours of the main body.

“The red lining on the cockpit looks dreadful”the-mantis-2Fair play.




Later update:


With a big thanks to my discovery of the connect to vertex tool, I have started to alter some of the faces that were concave, the model should consist of flat shapes, in order to make it easier to render and export, especially in lower resolutions.

the-mantis-3Here, you can see that I have changed the thruster colours in order to match the colour of the main ship.


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