Deja Vu

Remember in that blog I posted quite recently? The blog about originality?


Ah coincidence, the master of the unintended and unexplained.


As the free version of WordPress does not include coverage for video files, I present this screenshot that completely ruins the scene, but the show must go on, am I right?


With this scene, the song Lipstick To Void by Mica Levi plays in the background( This song is very tense and thematic, lending itself quite nicely to the tone and theme of the Halloween setting.


In the centre of this image, very faintly is an alien …Yes. Nothing scares the soul like something not of this Earth. This alien is also spinning slowly, just proving his doughnuttin’ skillz.


Here are the assets that I used to create this scene, the last asset on the bottom is an amalgamation of the block asset and eight roof assets, so to create this scene, I only used five assets. Additionally, the clouds featured in the scene were just the curved rhombus asset bunched together and layered on top of each other with a slightly different colour.


Here is a gif version of the scene, I couldn’t work out how to include the music.


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