A Surprisingly Deep Post About Originality.

Originality is the non-existent state of mind that occupies the ignorant, while the cynical mock.


Take this image for instance, it looks like some mythic castle/alien hybrid standing tall of the sea. It totally doesn’t look like six fighter jets transformed, painted over with an opaque brush, then placed along side two heavily altered images via two clipping masks, then intensely fiddled with the exposure and contrast settings. Not the slightest bit of resemblance.



Regardless of what we do, we are inspired by the history of our experiences. If you were to walk to a road crossing and push the button naturally, without thinking about it, then you are using your past in order to effect the present.

If you were locked in a room and was shown the entire filmography of Eli Roth, then were asked to create a painting; you would probably create something disgusting, rancid and un-pleasant.


This is why it is beyond paramount that what ever you want to do, you have to sample all aspects of it. If you want to write novels, then read all genres of novels, intriguing, thrilling, boring, deeply offensive no matter what you think of them, they will effect you, they will do something to you that can only sharpen your eye to create.


Through searching through your chosen field, regardless of the quality of the content, you should start to enjoy the field, as it naturally appears. At this point, you will be looking towards your own respective field, somewhat highly with fresh ideas that have been improved by that toil of research. Human nature tends to lend itself to hope, not by design, but by intent. We as a species have created something that no other organism conforms by: “Having something to look forward to.” We as a species have used the concept of hope as a way to alter our perception of reality. Air go, we start to deeply believe that the stuff that we create is somehow better than something comparable and that one day, we will create something that is, if nothing else, original.


Originality is the non-existent state of mind that occupies the ignorant, while the cynical mock.


No wonder that ignorance is bliss.


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