Blade Runner is better than Star Wars, feed me your outrage.

In the great works of science fiction, all items with some visual prowess is derived from some form of life.

With this in mind I have created my own spaceship.


I created this solely from extrusions from a long, thin block. Everything that you see is all the same shape, this can come in very handy with moving the entire ship.

As with Blade Runner and Star Wars, I am using a very dark colour palette, whilst using sharp edges. This makes the ship appear more realistic when compared to the smooth and circular ships in Star Trek.


At the moment, the model only consists of two colours, I do want to add more vibrant colours and more textures onto the faces.


Going back to what I said at the start of the blog, I took inspiration from animals and organisms in order to style this ship.

From this angle, the ship looks somewhat similar to an insect


However, in this angle, I feel as if the ship looks somewhat similar to a bull.unty-zula-front

Taking inspiration from living creatures can make the model appear more naturalistic, this makes the ship and the environment that the ship may be placed in seem real.


In a future iteration of this ship, I would like to make the ship appear as if it can handle both space and land, seeming more versatile.


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