Illustr8 m8

I shall now demonstrate a fact I know about Illustator that none of my teachers will know…

To create the visual style of the cartoon show Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, the animators made basic shapes in Flash, then elaborated on them with Illustrator.


silhouettesSilhouettes are back with a bang: Whether it be a dude with a ripped trouser legs, a rather plump looking shark, or a an amphibian di-pod hybrid.square-eyes

I actually had a lot of fun creating silhouettes. I feel as if I tend to lean on the side of creepy and illusive, rather than being more elegant and well-mannered.


Creating things with a very limited colour palette, like Limbo or Firewatch has always intrigued me. Colour can be used to establish tone and theme, this helps the storytelling stand on its own. I am very interested in character creation with silhouettes.


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