This blog is painfully unfunny – and it hurts. Also, I made a game.

Welcome to another episode of Greenlight Garbage. On today’s episode, we take a look at a little something called: Volatile.


If you really must expose yourself to this toxic mess, you can play the game here:


As I am writing this on a blog post, I must reveal that the title and character of this game is boiling. No, they are not scaldingly hot, the title and character move from frame to frame.

I made the character boil as to imply the unexpected nature of this game, the volatility if you will.

As you start the game, you can hear “The Day Is My Enemy”by The Prodigy. In my opinion, this song perfectly matches the theme and tone of the game.


The overall objective of Volatile is to infect the world with a fatal virus, the player does this by moving the molecule(protagonist) through mazes and traps to enter various test tubes.

The trick here comes with the level design.


This seems like a perfectly fine level doesn’t it? A nice easy maze to start off the game?


Wow! Naughty Dog is major jelly!

Yes, the levels are designed so that the maze changes every 1.5 seconds, adding to the intensity of each level.

I wanted the game to be constantly changing, so that the player never quite relaxes into a slump. This adds to the game’s title, which has deep connotations of fear and unstability.


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