Zack Snyder can suck my big toe nail.

That title ventured on the edgy side, but click-bait consumes all creators.


Today, I was asked to show a presentation to the class. For this presentation, I chose someone whom I have great respect: Jeff Nichols.


Image result for jeff nichols

Would ya’ just look at those jazz hands!


I chose Jeff Nichols for my presentation because his filmography has a real depth to it. His films are very rustic and have a rather stoic styling. He is a much better storyteller than some hack like Uwe Boll or Zack Schnyder.

(That’s right, I went there.)


The presentation itself went relatively well. The computer had some technical difficulties, wherein the slideshow would not appear on the projector, just the window of PowerPoint. This meant that I had to show the slides as essentially images, meaning that all of the animations that made the presentation especially silky. Who set up that computer? The running joke of the hour Zack Sandwich?


Despite the technical difficulties, the presentation went rather well. Some of my jokes did leave a rather cavernous echo through the silence, but I did get an applause at the end.


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