I definitely didn’t post a blog before this, honest.

If you couldn’t tell from the blog’s name, I am Gallant Connor: Filmmaker, writer and occasional MLG Forza Horizon god.

Image result for forza horizon 4k

(^Me on ultra^)


I have a great interest in the visual arts and emotions that they can create. The illusion of impact is what both intrigues and alludes me, that is what I want to do.


In my opinion, narrative is the thing that defines art. Yes, you can have 4K shooters with online play from all over the world, but if the narrative is jumbled up or simply lacking, people won’t play for very long.(That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.)


I am extremely excited to work with visual effects. Despite a special fondness for special effects in film, I am aware that all forms of visual media are drifting towards computer generated imagery. Filmmakers who can perform multiple tasks have always had an edge ahead in the eyes of the studios. Robert Rodriguez is a key example of this, often credited multiple times on each of his productions as he performs multiple tasks, such as editing and cinematography.


One film. Five credits. Absolute legend.


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