Coming to a Flash games site near you!

NotDoppler and Newgrounds have been seen slobbering in slimy anticipation for a little game called Volatile.


Volatile is a maze game wherein you have to guide a toxic molecule to various different test tubes, infecting the entire world. However, spreading a deadly virus to all corners of the globe comes with some hurdles.


This level looks fine, doesn’t it? Just go around the walls without making contact? You’re now probably wondering why Bubblebox was frothing at the mouth and why Miniclip’s toes had curled up into themselves.


Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Mind blown, am I right?

Volatile features ingenious level design that changes every 1.5 seconds. As the difficulty increases, so do the intricate design of the levels.


Is this game too volatile for you?



The technical bit:


Working from a very basic Flash template, I started to work on changing the game around, to distance it from the original.


I believe that some of the best games are that way because of their title, such as; Firewatch, Outcast or Burnout.

I came up with the title of Volatile as I am a big fan of boiling in Flash.(Drawing something in one frame, then draw the same thing in different frames, making the image appear as if it is twitching.)

Volatility is the unstability and unknown actions of an item. Considering this, I wondered what would make the game seem unstable. Then it hit me: Flickering levels.


To make the levels appear as if they were “Flickering.” I had to edit some symbols.


Here we have the first half of the level: A big blue box.


And here is the second half of the level: A small red box.

I had to work with tweens in order to make the levels move the way I wanted. Making the level design change as the player is playing makes the ggame feel a lot more unique when compared to something like the latest Sports Simulator.


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